Roof snow removal

Roof snow removal in Vaudreuil-Dorion, West Island, Dollar des Ormeaux and Kirkland.

As roofing experts, we know that it is essential to clear your roof of snow, because this is what keeps your roof in good condition during the winter. We offer roof snow removal services in Vaudreuil-Dorion, West Island, Dollar des Ormeaux and Kirkland. During the winter, there are several snowstorms. So, the accumulation of snow could greatly damage your roof. To avoid the need for roof repairs, we greatly advise you to use our service. With our company, you get a perfect service. Our staff is meticulous, punctual and perfectionist. Snow removal from a roof is a risky operation. Whether it is for people on the roof or near your home. It’s important to entrust this work to experts. We have the necessary equipment to ensure everyone’s safety. We offer our services in residential and commercial roofing. Then, we guarantee you the complete satisfaction of our work.


When should you have a snow removal operation?

Obviously, when some storms have occurred, it is very important to clear your roof of snow. It is important to know that the older your roof is, the greater the risk of collapse. You must prioritize snow removal from your roof in Dollar des Ormeaux and Kirkland.

what are the signs that you need snow removal on your roof?

To start, you may smell a sewer inside your house or commercial building. Then your door may open or close with difficulty. This means that your house reacts to a change in pressure. Finally, you may hear cracking coming from your structure. Don’t wait for these signs and contact us for a roof snow removal in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

A competent and qualified snow removal team!

Our certified and qualified roofers use appropriate snow removal techniques. For flat or slanted rooftops, we make sure that snow removal is done without damaging the waterproofing membrane of your roof. Our equipment is adequate and safe to ensure that your roof is perfectly cleared of snow.

What is the purpose of snow removal on your roof?

First, snow removal from your roof in and around West Island serves to protect passers-by and the people living in the house. Second, it greatly extends the life of your roof. Finally, it prevents any breaks or cracks that may cause water filtration inside the building.



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The consequences of snow accumulation on your roof.

Snow can cause several negative consequences. First, the snow or the ice could fall on people near your home. Then, snow accumulation can seriously damage your roof and cause water infiltration. To continue, the weight of snow can cause your roof to collapse and damage your building. This results in enormous costs and repair time. Snow could also block the drainage of water to the drains. This would cause water to overflow on the side of the roof. Finally, snow and ice could cause your roof to collapse. A very serious and fatal problem. To avoid all these problems, contact us for roof snow removal in Dollar des Ormeaux and Kirkland. Equipped with our experience and our equipment, we can offer you an impeccable service that will meet your expectations.